About Us

The North East Louisiana Veteran’s Association is a conglomeration of the Veteran’s organizations in North East Louisiana. Its purpose is to provide assistance for all veterans in North East Louisiana. As the news media is reporting, there are far too many veterans who were asked by their country to go into harm’s way and are now returning from the Middle East along with other areas of the world. Many of these veterans return with P.T.S.D. or with addictions to either drugs or alcohol and others with missing limbs. They, because of various reasons, have difficulty re-entering civilian life. The disorders put these brave veterans in the position of frightening their own families and forcing them to leave their own homes. As a result they end up living on the streets, or from couch to couch. These heroes deserve to be treated like “(1st) first class HEROES”, not like they are being treated (like 2nd class or 3rd class citizens)!
Fort Hero Veterans Barracks
Committed to Veterans Training
At last count, we have 160 homeless veterans in our area!